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  • Siren Puppet
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Sirens are first introduced to ShadowLand Online in Land of Emptiness of the Fourth Age, Holy Territory. They are later encountered in Ancient Gambling and are somewhat stronger than thier Holy Territory cousins.

Sirens in ShadowLand Online are of three types: Lightning Warrior, Halberdier and Puppet.


[Puppets] are the weakest of the lot have only a low-medium physical attack and a [Tear] attack as a special - like that of [Snoever] and [Emundo] - that inflicts a Bleeding status.


[Halberdiers] are the second strongest type of Sirens. They have medium-high defence and physical attack and have a [God of War's Wrath] special which deals damage, attacks all and deducts 30 morale points.

Lightning Warriors

[Lightning Warriors] are the bane of many players. They have a medium defense but a quite high [Crossed Lightning] Magic attack, inflicting approximately 2000 damage to those with a magic defense of 1300. [Crossed Lightning] literally crosses, capable of attacking up to 2 heroes at once.


Holy Territory

Halberdier and Puppets are nothing to worry about the only thing really are Lighting Warriors. Use a high attack of atleast 2000+ and a hero with AoE like Attila or Scipio try to maintain a 1300+ magic defense for your frontline troops.

Ancient Gambling

If you have already experienced Sirens at Ancient Gambling, then you are most likely at the stage where Magic attack should not be worried about if you have at least 3 heroes over 2300. This will stop Lightning Warriors attack very well. Unlike Holy Territory, you will want a completely opposite strategy, focusing on trying to maintain your heroes troop and defense levels. A good combination for defense is [Dragonscale Armor] and [Dragon-scale Shield].


  • Sirens Battle

    Sirens Imprisonment Force

    After defeating Sirens Imprisonment Force you are rewarded with [Andromeda]
  • Sirens first appeared in Siren Vanguards 1, approximately 45% through the instance
  • The whole of Siren Legion is made up of the 3 types of Sirens
  • Sirens in ShadowLand Online appear to stray much from the Sirens of mythology
  • Sirens get new avatars as of a maintenance
  • New Siren Puppet Avatar
  • New Siren Lightning Warrior Avatar
  • New Siren Halberdier Avatar
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