Attila's Battle Formation

"All the so-called miracles in front of me are a harbinger of your death."

Attila is the 11th obtainable Hero. He is found at 25th battle at Whip of Destiny in Ancient Constraint.


As the greatest leader and emperor in ancient Euroasia, people respected him as "the Scourge of God". He led soldiers to invade Eastern and Western Rome, where they struck a great blow to both regions.


  • Although Attila is obtained very early on in the game, he is used by players who have even passed Jason making him one of the most used Heroes in ShadowLand Online, second to [Castor].


Attila Icon
Stats at lvl 1:
PowerStr x: 79
AgilityAgi x:58
IntelligenceInt x: 47
CommandCap x:65
SoldiersArmy x: 232
Type: PhysicalAttDef
Armyarea xCommand unit: [Heavy-armed Cavalry]
Zhen xSkill: [Threaten]
Strike: 2x
Passive: [Parry]