Merc DGT

Merc Dragon Training Ground

"The Dragon Training Ground aids your hero in leveling up by putting him or her against trained dragons."

The Dragon Training Ground, or DTG, is one of the principle Buildings in Shadowland Online. It is already present in your town at the beginning of the game, at Town Hall level 1. The Dragon Training Ground provides your heroes with a place to train, and is the only way to increase the level of your heroes. Heroes can never exceed the level of your Dragon Training Ground, and the Dragon Training Ground in turn cannot exceed the level of your Town Hall.

Leveling HeroesEdit

The Dragon Training Grounds holds one tab, Trial, from which all available training methods for your Heroes can be accessed. Your heroes require increasing amounts of experience to level up. Higher levels of the Dragon Training Ground give higher amounts of experience, speeding up the process of leveling significantly.

The left portion of the screen holds a list of the current roster of Heroes, with the current level of each. When a Hero is in Training, a small icon appears to the left of their name.
The upper right portion holds a portrait of the currently selected Hero, along with its information.


Below your hero's information you have the option of entering three different Training modes. The length of time is constant; the Gold cost increases when you upgrade your Dragon Training Ground. It is always most cost-efficient to use the 8 hour training method.

Screen shot 2011-11-30 at 8.06.30 PM

Tribals Dragon Training Ground

Green Dragon Trains Hero for 30 minutes
Red Dragon Trains Hero for 2 hours
Black Dragon Trains Hero for 8 hours

Once a Training time is selected, a countdown timer begins. You can stop training a hero at any time using 1 Diamond. You may Train up to two Heroes at a time; VIP Accounts or a 30 Diamond fee allows you to Train a third.

Speed UpEdit

DTG Nobilis

Nobilis Dragon Training Ground

Once a Hero is in Training the lower part of the screen gives the player the option to Speed Up the training once every 10 minutes by using Battle Achievements. This gives a large amount of experience and will give increasing amounts of experience as you upgrade your Dragon Training Ground. The ratio of Battle Achievements to Experience will always be 1:100.

Buy ExperienceEdit

In addition to the above methods, Heroes can also be leveled by using Diamonds for an instant Experience Point boost, utilizing the Buy Experience feature in the lower right portion of the screen. This action can only be performed on Heroes not currently in training, it gives a vastly superior amount of Experience to Speed Up.