This list contains all the avaible items in the game from Gate of Ages fights only: it doesn't include random/static drops from sanctuary quests.

Historical Ages

There currently are 6 chapters and a total of 35 istances in the Gate of Ages, but only a hundred drops.

Core of Destiny (1.1)

Fight LV Name
Persian Elite Force 2 8 [Sturdy Leather Armor]
Marceau Troops 9 [Hunter Cloak]
Green Backup Force 4 9 [White Horse]
Greek Scattered Force 2 9 [Samurai Sword]
Greek Alliance Legion 12 [Ancient Tome]

Battle of Destiny (1.2)

Fight LV Name
Hasdrubal Troops 9 [Magic-school Necklace]
Fabian Troops 12 [Ancient Tome]
Varro Troops 13 [Alloyed Ring]
Roman Middle Army 2 13 [Ring of Darkness]
Masinissa Troops 12 [Sturdy Hard Armor]
Roman Elite Forces 1 18 [Sturdy Leather Hat]
Carthaginian Templar Legion 22 [Sharp Cross Sword]

Stairs of Destiny (1.3)

Fight LV Name
Scattered Roman Force 1 18 [Strong Horse]
Mossiso Troops 18 [Thick Cloak]
Roman Praetorian Troop 1 21 [Ring of Dignity]
Claude Troops 22 [Sturdy Hat]
Roman Legion 26 [Strong White Horse]

Sword of Destiny (1.4)

Fight LV Name
Lancelot Troops 26 [Tough Vine Shield]
British Sentry 4 30 [Ancient Book of Nobles]
Medrawt Troops 30 [Shining Alloyed Ring]
Trap Lake 35 [Victory Sword]
Knights of the Round 35 [Firm Leather Armor]

Whip of Destiny (1.5)

Fight LV Name
Tusus Troops 30 [Sharp Solid Bow]
Roman Guard 1 30 [Distinct Ring of Darkness]
Gothic Elite Vanguards 33 [Shield of Warriors]
Troops with Whips 34 [Strong Silver Horse]
Leo Troops 37 [Heavy Vine Helmet]
Ardius Troops 35 [Fine Soldiers' Ring]
Roman Royal Force 43 [Firm Elemental Leather Armor]

Road of Conquest (2.1)

Fight LV Name
Godfrey Troops 38 [Sturdy Warrior Hat]
Crusade Infantry 3 42 [Ancient Book of Protection]
Crusade Guards 2 42 [Dark Amethystine Necklace]
Guard Troops 42 [Sharp King's Sword]
Adhemar Troops 42 [Thick Environmental Cloak]
Crusade Legion 43 [Shining Magic Necklace]

Glorious Road (2.2)

Fight LV Name
Rowiwell Troops 46 [Sharp Dagger]
Crusader Vanguards 2 42 [Tough Bright Shield]
Holy City Prayer Force 1 46 [Dark Silver Necklace]
Rocco Troops 42 [Strong Black Military Horse]
Holy City Legion 47 [Indestructible Magic Armor-shield]

Holy Road (2.3)

Fight LV Name
Arcasiz Troops 46 [Ancient Book of Elements]
Crusades Sentry 1 50 [Dark Devil's Necklace]
Smor Troops 50 [Sharp Devil's Sword]
Crusade Royal Guard 1 51 [Firm Elemental Metal Armor]
Norman Legion 55 [Indestructible Silver Shield]

Road to Revenge (2.4)

Fight LV Name
John Troops 51 [Firm Elemental Helmet]
Crusade Noble Force 2 51 [Firm Elemental Metal Armor]
Crusades Vanguards 3 51 [Shining Command Cloak]
Mondoliak Troops 54 [Shining Ring of the Fear]
Damietta Legion 59 [King's Sword of Fury]

Road to Pray (2.5)

Fight LV Name
Cairo Vanguards 5 54 [Dark Freedom Necklace]
Magloire Troops 54 [Distinct Ring of Guard]
Cairo Assault Force 1 54 [Sharp Beheading Axe]
Mandenol Troops 54 [Sturdy Heavy Light-vine Helmet]
Artois Count Force 54 [Tough Shield of Wings]
Crusade Escape Legion 60 [Armor of the Earth]

Khan's Pursuit (3.1)

Fight LV Name
Mukhulai Troops 54 [Ancient Blood Tome]
Borjin Troops 55 [Shining Elemental Cloak]
Kuchu Troops 59 [Shining Amethystine Necklace]
Mongolian Kernel Troops 3 59 [Roaring Black Horse]
Kipchak Khanate Legion 66 [Distinct Peace Ring]

Khan's Ambition (3.2)

Fight LV Name
Mongolian Infantry Chargers 3 59 [Firm Warrior Armor]
Shuhuledar Troops 58 [Thick Crane Cloak]
Subutei Troops 59 [Fine Ring of Power]
Mongolian Elite Troops 1 59 [Book of Blessed Purification]
Chagatai Khan Legion 63 [Shining Silver Necklace]

Khan's Counterattack (3.3)

Fight LV Name
Jelme Troops 59 [Shining Environmental Cloak]
Mongolian Sentry Forces 3 62 [Sturdy Rusty Helmet]
Mongolian Main Kernel Troops 3 63 [Book of Elements Purification]
Odegei Khan Legion 66 [Sharp Martialsword]

Khan's Imperial Glory (3.4)

Fight LV Name
Mongolian Cavalry Chargers 1 63 [Shining Forest Cloak]
Tolui Troops 66 [Dark Platinum Necklace]
Mongolian Main Elite Force 3 67 [Energetic Dark Gold Ring]
Ilhan Troops 69 [Forgiving Cloak]

Khan's Subversion (3.5)

Fight LV Name
Yeh-lu Ch'u-ts'ai Troops 66 [Whispering Ring]
Shuhdai Troops 67 [Roaring White Ferghana Horse]
Mongolian Janissary Force 1 67 [Devil's Sword of Fury]
Khan Legion 75 [Sturdy Lord's Crown]

Land of Emptiness (4.1)

Fight LV Name
Perseus Troops 71 [Book of Disaster]
Siren Vanguards 2 74 [Sturdy Wizard's Hat]
Stheno Troops 77 [Sturdy Flame Armor]
Euryale Troops 78 [Distinct Beheaded Ring]
Siren Legion 78 [Dragonscale Armor]

Land of Faith (4.2)

Fight LV Name
Nemean Lion 79 [Indestructible Revenge Wall]
Hydra 79 [Shining Necklace]
Deianeira Troops 79 [Helmet-worn Giant Elephant]
Greek Legion 78 [Dragon's Spirit Ring]

Land of Constraints (4.3)

Fight LV Name
Minasteus Troops 81 [Devastation Cloak]
Theseus Troops 82 [Dark Coral Necklace]
Pirithous Troops 82 [Distinct Tempest Ring]
Helen Troops 83 [Sturdy Moonstar Helmet]
Sparta Legion 83 [Indestructible Heart of Justice]

Land of War Drum (4.4)

Fight LV Name
Diomedes Troops 83 [Purified Book of Ghost]
Patroklos Troops 85 [Lord's Crown]
Priams 86 [Tough Tush Shield]
Hector 86 [Book of Forgotten]
Greek Trojan Horse Legion 86 [Forgotten Blood Ring]

Land of Light (4.5)

Fight LV Name
Orpheus Troops 86 [Ancient Deal of Distress]
Argus Troops 87 [Fine Soul-consumed Ring]
Pelias Troops 87 [Furious Brave's Sword]
Kolchis Legion 89 [Brilliance of the Gods]

Steal Fires (5.1)

Fight LV Name
Harpies Troops 87 [Purified Handed-down Book]
Cerberus Troops 88 [Sturdy Thunder-proof Armor]
Fires Patrol IV 90 [Tough Heart Shield]
Minotaurs Troops 89 [Tough Whip]
Pandora Troops 90 [Distinct Slaughter Ring]
Fires Corps 89 [Despair Necklace]

Ancient Gambling (5.2)

Fight LV Name
El-Eyon Troops 90 [Sturdy Black-iron Helmet]
Cetus Troops 90 [Sharp Grieved Pike]
Catoblepas Troops 91 [Firm Trampling Armor]
Poseidon Troops 91 [Abysmal Sword]
Poseidon Corps 92 [Evil Defender's Helmet]

Save Zeus (5.3)

Fight LV Name
Arachne Troops 91 [Ancient Book of Skeleton]
Chimera Troops 91 [Indestructible Lion-head Wall]
Rheia 95 [Evil Defender Necklace]
Hydra 94 [Sturdy Undead Armor]
Cronus 94 [Sharp Resolution Blade]
God Corps 92 [Murderer Cloak]

River of Misery (5.4)

Fight LV Name
Boatman Karon 95 [Firm Armor]
Truth rural forces No. 1 95 [Slayer Knife]
Promemade of Minos 94 [Distinct Grieved Ring]
Promemade of Rhadamanthys 98 [Thick Devastation Cloak]
Shadow of Hades 99 [Sturdy Bitterness Cloak]
Corps of Hades 98 [Lord of Light Ring]

Visiting the Forgotten (5.5)

Fight LV Name
Crius 99 [Purified Screamed Book]
Chronus 99 [Founder Helmet]
Corps of Titans 98 [Lord of Light Sword]

Hall Guard (6.1)

Fight LV Name
Twins Guard's Shadow 100 [Hades' Horse]
Twins Guards 100 [Hades' Destructive Power]

Evil housekeeper (6.2)

Fight LV Name
Montrey's Shadow


[Hades' Judgment]
Evil housekeeper 100 [Hades' Magic]

Horrible Opera (6.3)

Fight LV Name
Musician's Shadow 100 [Hades' Back]
Horrible Opera 100 [Hades' Crown]

Bloody Tavern (6.4)

Fight LV Name
Krecas' Shadow 100 [Hades' Tears]
Bloody Tavern 100 [Hades' Wall]

Ghost Palace Hall (6.5)

Fight LV Name
Phantom Couple's Shadow (female) 100 [Hades' Protection]
Ghost Palace Hall 100 [Hades' Touch]

Nightmare in balcony (6.6)

Fight LV Name

Little spirit behind shelf (6.7)

Fight LV Name

Song of soul (6.8)

Fight LV Name

Shadow mourner (6.9)

Fight LV Name

Soul songs prince (6.10)

Fight LV Name

Elite Istances

Road of Justice (E1)

Fight LV Name
Infernal Demon of Flame 80 [Corrupted Necklace]
Bloodsucker Kelly 83 [Firm Dragon-scale Armor]
Western Daemon 80 [Pegasus]
Infernal Throne 80 [Dagger of the Gods]

Cloister of Fate (E2)

Fight LV Name
The Fellower Suzaku 79 [Shining Agility Cloak]
Balzac Corruptor 78 [Dragonscale Helmet]
Undead Patrol 6 78 [Tough Skeleton Shield]
Temple of Fate 78 [Magic Code of Dragon Spirit]

Lava Vortex (E3)

Fight LV Name
Contemplator Agaue 82 [Sharp Maces]
Shadow Hipponoe 79 [Firm Toothed Armor]
Bridge keeper Euagore 78 [Necklace of Raving Dragon]
Evil Ghost Bia 83 [Howling Wolf]
Hell Judge Minos 89 [Despair Wall]
The Darkness Temple 89 [Pike of the Gods]

Magical Eye Lighthouse (E4)

Fight LV Name
Cerberus 83 [Energetic Prediction Ring]
Chrysaor 79 [Purified Deal of Demons]
Fire Demon Chimaera 79 [Sturdy Skywalker Helmet]
Dread Lord Typhn 85 [Magic Source Necklace]
Magical Eye Guardian Sphinx 80 [Shield of the Flame]
Magical Eye Lighthouse 85 [Lord of Light Cloak]

Volcano Hell (E5)

Fight LV Name
Tuchun Nisaea 91 [Sacred Helmet]
Shadow Succubus Alimede 90 [Magic Book of Despair]
Dreamer Euagore 94 [Dark Wise Necklace]
Burning Man Leucothea 94 [Shining Glazed Ring]
Lord of Torments Echidna 92 [Brave's Armor]
Infernal Loom 85 [Shining Necklace(Orange)]

Distant Legend

Tower of Soul

This list do not include the Stones of Pure Spirit drops.

Floor One

Fight LV Name
Undead Patrols 1 78 [Axe of the Raving Dragon]
Soul Tower Guardians 2 93 [Inexhaustible Blade]
Soul Tower Guardians 7 87 [Death-speaker Necklace]
Soul-Eater Guard Troops 1 90 [Thick Raveling Cloak]
Burial Grounds 89 [Shield of Armageddon]

Floor Two

Fight LV Name
Wandering Spirit 3 78 [Destruction Cloak]
Wandering Spirit 5 80 [Helmet of Thunder]
Wandering Spirit 9 86 [Forgotten Necklace]
Soulstealing Commanding Corps 89 [Hope Cloak]

Floor Three

Fight LV Name
Undead Patrols 2 86 [Sturdy Slayer Helmet]
Undead Puppets 2 89 [Helmet of Salvation]
Soul-Eater Guard Troops 1 89 [Holy Necklace]
Undead Elite Forces 2 80 [Magic Code of Hades]
Torments Tomb 89 [Armor of the Wrathful God]

Floor Four

Fight LV Name
Ridden Soul 1 91 [Fine Slaughter Ring]
Ridden Soul 6 86 [Devil Hunter's Axe]
Felfire Forces No.4 91 [Energetic Bramble Ring]
Nertherland 92 [Trampling Ring]

Floor Five

Fight LV Name
Mutilated Cankered Corpse One 95 [Pioneer Helmet]
Hell Executioner Four 90 [Dark Acolyte Necklace]
Mutilated Cankered Corpse Nine 89 [Despair Blood Ring]
Avenging Ghost Troop Five 97 [Zhanri Helmet]
Blood Grave 98 [Lord of Light Blood Ring]

Floor Six

Fight LV Name
Ridden Soul 1 95 [Divine Seal Necklace]
The Fallen 86 [Forgotten Cloak]
Soul Tower Left Bodyguard 99 [Purifier of Light Pendant]
Gloomy Lobby 89 [Unicorn of Gods]

Floor Seven

Fight LV Name
Elite Spectre Scouts 89 [Ring of Peace]
Spectre Outposts Five 96 [Ancient Book of Magic Crystal]
Undead Backup Forces 1 89 [Storm Ring]
Soul-Eater Guard 99 [Sturdy Wizard's Armor]
Soul-Eater Command Troops 98 [Lord of Light Crown]

Floor Eight

Fight LV Name
Wandering Spirit 2 83 [Darkness Blade]
Ridden Soul 3 91 [Wrathful Dragon-head Lion]
Soul Tower Elite Guard One 89 [Despair Armor]
Soulstealing Territory 98 [Lord of Light Contract]

Floor Nine

Fight LV Name
Infernal Demon of Flame 99 [Indestructible Darkness Shield]
Soul Tower Patrol Guard Three 99 [Shining Devastation Cloak]
Infernocrawler 2 89 [Despair Cloak]
Soul Tower Elite Guard 4 83 [Darkness Shield]
Grudge Furnace 98 [Lord of Light Wall]

Floor Ten

Fight LV Name
Avenging Ghost Troop Two 95 [Sacred Ring]
Inferno Ghoul Forces 1 95 [Indestructible Pluto Wall]
Soul Eater 83 [Darkness Armor]
Pit Lord Army 3 98 [Lord of Light Neckring]
Fallen Abyssal Legion 89 [Defensive Wall]


Netherwind Crypt

Fight LV Name
Undead Attack Group 200 80 [Dragon Horn Shield]
Undead Attack Group 300 80 [Absorption Cloak]


Gnome Cave

Cursed Den

Holy Cave

Ghoul Lair

Dragon's Cave

Lucky Turning

Small Package

Midsize Package

Big Package

Darkness Package