Formation Tab

An example of the Formation Tab


Titans Array Charge Array Hexagram Array Burst Array
Titans array
Charge array
Hexagram array
Burst array
Parry +0.5% Physical dmg +1% Magic dmg +1% Crit strike +0.5%

Shadow Array Turtle Type Array Imprisoned Array Thorny Array
Shadow array
Turtle type array
Imprisoned array
Thorny array
Dodge +0.5% Physical def +1% Magic def +1% Counterattack +0.5%

The rewards for each array as seen in the table above increase by that amount every time the array levels up. For information on levelling the array see below.

Upgrading Array LevelEdit

Each victory or defeat gives you 1 proficiency for the array you use during the battle. Draw gives you no proficiency or cooldown, but your troops still reduces. Each of the 300 battles in the Netherwind Crypt gives you no proficiency or cooldown and reduces your troops as well, regardless of the result. Zero Hour battles only count as 1 proficiency, whether you participate or remain as back-up. When doing Sanctuary quests, each battle within the quest counts as 1 proficiency. As concerns PvP battles, both participants get no proficiency. When the proficiency reaches the amount required it will automatically level up. The requirements for each level are below.

Level Proficiency
1 0
2 50
3 100
4 170
5 260
6 370
7 500
8 650
9 820
10 1010
11 1220
12 1450
13 1700
14 1970
15 2260
16 2570
17 2900
18 3250
19 3620
20 4010

Order of moves and types of movesEdit

Order of moves - Attacker vs. Defender
Attacker order

Attacker Order

Defender order

Defender Order

Order of movesEdit

The Attacker and Defender alternate attacks, and move in the orders shown above. (That is that Attacker (1) will go, then Defender (1), then Attacker (2), then Defender (2), etc.)

Each hero will attack the same row that he/she is in, the closest hero (1, 2, 3) being the first priority, followed by the next closest and then the furthest. When the same row is not available, the hero will attack the next one down, (Going back to the top in the case of the bottom row.)

For example: A hero in the spot (Attacker 2, 5 or 8)'s first priority is Defender 2, followed by 5 then 8. Row 3, 6, 9 would be their next priority, and finally row 1, 4, 7.

However, the order of attack in PVP battles is determined by each hero's Agility stat.

Buffers and healersEdit

If a hero is healing or buffing a character on their side. It is a pure roll of the dice out of the heroes they can heal/buff. There is no order to their choice except [Merlin] who will not target any ally who already has 100 Morale.

AoE movesEdit

Some heroes have AoE attacks that hit every opponent, some will hit a whole row or column. This row or column is the row or column that their target is in. In cases where they hit "the back row formation" or something similar; that will always overule the order of moves. That hero will only hit enemies in the back-most row, for example.

If a hero effects/hits enemies or allies "In the cross formation" the hero they target will be the center of their range. And they will effect the heroes diagonally adjacent to their target. (That is that if a hero in position 4 is targeted; the heroes in positions 2 and 8 will also be effected.