There are five Resources in Shadowlands Online: three Major resources, which are obtained through farming, and two Minor, which are obtained through battle. In addition to these five, there is also one Premium Resource, Diamonds, which can be purchased in-game with real currency.


See also: Maximum Resources Cap


Gold Goldis the primary Resource in Shadowland Online. It is used for:

It is used (in conjunction with Battle Achievements) to form an Alliance, and to upgrade Alliance Perks.

Because it is the most necessary Resource, Gold has the most methods to be obtained.

Gold has an initial Maximum Resource Cap of 30,000. Upgrading the Treasury will raise the cap.


After Gold , Food is the second most necessary Major Resource in Shadowlands Online. With it, you can purchase more Military Forces through the Barracks, or exchange it for Gold at the Market.

There are three ways to obtain Food:

  • Planting crops at the Farm outside town
  • Buying it with Gold at the Market
  • Stealing food from other players on the Region Map

Food has an initial Maximum Resource Cap of 3000. Upgrading the Granary will raise the cap.

Military Forces

Military Forces Military Forces is the third Major Resource in Shadowlands Online, and is arguably one of the most important. This Resource functions as the Hitpoints of your Heroes in Battle.

There are three ways to obtain Military Forces:

  • Using the Draft function in the Barracks (up to a maximum of 5 times per day)
  • Buying for Food in the Barracks
  • Using The Village mini-game outside town
  • As of December 29, 2011 this is no longer true. Winning the Villiage mini-game now increases the maximum trades in the Market

Military Forces has an initial Maximum Resources Cap of 1000. Upgrading the Barracks will raise the cap.

If your Military Forces unit is 0 then all your heroes will start the fight with only 1 troop(s).

Battle Achievements

Battle Achievements BA, or BA, are the most valuable of the Minor Resources because, like Gold, they have the most uses. Unlike Gold, however, With BA, you can upgrade the technologies at the Alchemy Lab, speed up training at the Dragon Training Ground, gain Popularity through the Pray function at the Sanctuary, and exchange for Prestige in the using the Promote function at the Town Hall.

There are five ways of earning BA:

The amount Battle Achievements obtained are decided on what your maximum heroes level (Does not apply for legions) and also boosted by your Alliances BA tech level.

Unlike the three Major Resources, Battle Achievements have no Maximum Resources Cap.

NOTE: No matter what your highest leveled hero is, you will always recieve a minimum of 4 BA.

Legion BA decrease

The base amount of BA the legions gives can be multiplied or divided, this depend on the level of your highest hero.

If you heroes are levels lower than the level of the enemies than you'll get a bonus in the quantity of BA you will receive.

If instead your heroes are the same level, or higher, than the level of your enemies in the legion you'll break the "bonus limit" and the BA will start to decrease.

Max Hero Level to Get Full BA in Legion Battles
Book | Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 8 16 24 32 40
2 45 48 52 56 60
3 75 78 82 85 89
4 91 93 95 95 95
5 91 93 95 95 95
Elite 80 80 85 85 90
Tower 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100


Prestige Prestige, with the exception on Diamonds, is the most difficult Resource to gather. It is unquestioningly the most important non-premium Resource, however; Prestige is the only way through which one may obtain higher Titles, which unlocks the ability to collect Wages.

There are five ways to earn Prestige:

Unlike the three Major Resources, Prestige has no Maximum Resources Cap.


Diamonds Diamonds are a premium currency in ShadowLand Online. They are seperated into two "categories". These categories are Diamond(Credit) and Cash Gift(obtained through free features of the game). They offer a multitude of different uses such as: speeding up cooldowns, refreshing the Black Market to sell or buy more Food, using Lucky Turning, to challenging people at the arena. Diamonds are the scarcest resource in the game, although there are multiple ways to obtain them.

You may receive diamonds by:

  • Purchasing them (Credit)
  • Completing promotional offers (Credit)
  • Arena* (Credit)
  • Selling items in the Auction House** (Credit)
  • Mining (Cash Gift)
  • Events (Cash Gift)
  • Levies (Cash Gift)
  • Lucky Turning (Cash Gift)

*NOTE: Arena may require users to use credit diamonds to compete if otherwise not offered to compete with gold.

**NOTE: Selling items in the Auction House requires other users to pay credit diamonds to purchase your Auction House items.

The only guranteed way of receiving diamonds is by purchasing them, receiving them from events, or completing promotional offers. The other ways of receiving them (excluding Selling items in the Auction House and competing in the Arena) are given at chance and offer no set backs other than Lucky Turning and Arena. Remember though, receiving diamonds from the mine, levying, or Lucky Turning is uncommon.