Sturdy Hat
Sturdy Hat
Drop: Lucky Turning: Small Package
Stairs of Destiny: Claude Troops
Drop Rate: -
Initial Fort Price: 256
+Price/Fort: 48

Sturdy Hat
Magic Defense: 19
(each fortification : +3)
Troops Commanded: 2
(each fortification : +2)
Carrying Level: 22

Soldiers Suit(8)
[Sharp Cross Sword]
[Tough Warrior Shield]
[Sturdy Elemental Armor]
[Thick Soldier Cloak]
[Strong Brown Adult Horse]
[Sturdy Hat]
[Dark Warrior Necklace]
[Book of Commands]
Suit:(2): Add Command Power 120
Suit:(4): Add Strength 8
Suit:(6): Add Agility 8
Suit:(8): Add Intelligence 8, Damage increase percentage40