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TheElder Nobilis

"This old fellow will send you Scenarios with just your beginning hero. So make sure to equip him well if you want to succeed. Scenarios will reward you with gold, BA, prestige and equipments. A higher sanctuary gives him more Scenarios."

You get 5 attempts per day to achieve a quest. The number of attempts resets the next day, so it is possible to farm a scenario indefinitely for money and Battle Achievements as long as you always exit it before completion.

The treasure chests you opened are removed from the scenario permanently and won't be present on subsequent attempts. Since you do not get a chance to revisit the scenario once completed, it is advisable to get all the chests before completing the quest.


Note: The "Level" represents the level of the monsters in that scenario, not the level of the sanctuary required to unlock it.

Sanctuary level 1Edit

Save Survivors

A small group of the Undead force's army are lingering around Fog village, please get rid of them to reach the village and rescue the survivors.

Sanctuary level 2Edit

Find The Missing Key

The survivors are infected with the plague. We need the spring water stored in the holy palace to cure them. I lost my key in the gloomy swamp, can you get the key for me?

  • Enemy level: 11
  • Time limit: 10 min minutes
  • Treasure boxes: 1000 Gold, 800 Gold,[Solid Bow], [Sturdy Hard Armor], [Sturdy Leather Hat]
  • Monster drops: 300 Gold x 2
  • Battle Achievements: Skeleton Warrior x 3 @ 8 BA, Skeleton Warrior x 3 @ 10 BA, Zombie x 2 @ 8 BA, Zombie x 1 @ 10 BA, Trap Monster x 1 @ 8 BA, Trap Monster x 3 @ 10 BA
  • Reward(s): 800 Gold

Sanctuary level 3Edit

Mysterious Spring Water

There are a few undead troops near the water. You can get water if you defeat them!

  • Enemy level: 12
  • Time limit: 10 minutes minutes
  • Treasure boxes: 1500 Gold, [Gold Necklace], 15 BA, [Book of Warriors]
  • Monster drops: 500 Gold x 4
  • Battle Achievements: Skeleton Warrior x 1 @ 9 BA, Skeleton Warrior x 4 @ 10 BA, Zombie x 3 @ 9 BA, Zombie x 1 @ 10 BA
  • Reward(s): None

Sanctuary level 4Edit

Spring of Fairy - Magical Forest

Find the fairy in the magic forest and get the spring water with its assistance.

  • Enemy level: 13
  • Time limit: 10 minutes minutes
  • Treasure boxes: 18 BA, 1000 Gold, 1500 gold, [Magic Shield]
  • Monster drops: 800 Gold x 2
  • Battle Achievements: Magic Wolf x 3 @ 14 BA, Magic Wolf x 1 @ 16 BA, Magic Wolf x 1 @ 18 BA, Trap Monster x 1 @ 14 BA, Trap Monster x 1 @ 16 BA
  • Reward(s): Prestige x 50, [Ring of Desperado]

Sanctuary level 5Edit

Strange Curse - Mountain Desert

An orcish shaman is living in the desert mountains northwest of the continent. Find him and get his assistance in understanding the curse.

Sanctuary level 6Edit

Looking for Chieftain

Go find the chieftain on the desert and tell him the plants are cursed by the Shaman.

Sanctuary level 7Edit

Chieftain Trust

Go find the chieftain in the orc tribe and ask him to help acomplish the task.

Sanctuary level 8Edit

Go Save the Chieftain

Orcish guard sent us a distress letter saying there was an internal revolt in the orcish tribe. The chieftain is now trapped. You have to save him!

Sanctuary level 9Edit

Punish all the betrayers

You are a hero in the orcish tribe. Our chieftain is in trouble, please go and see what happened!

Sanctuary level 10Edit

Help Fairies

Relations between humans and orcs are no longer strained; we offer our thanks to you. However, do not forget your business in the magic woods, make sure to tell the fairies about everything.

Sanctuary level 11Edit

The Undead's Threat

Despite the protection from fragments of Saint Elour Gem, there are numerous undead troops gathered outside the town, please destroy them first.

Sanctuary level 12Edit


Soldiers of the City of Faith sent us a message asking for help against the undead, we shall reach out a helping hand to our ally.

Sanctuary level 13Edit

Discover the Condition of Enemy

The undead are getting more and more powerful, please go to the corroded land to investigate the source of their power.

Sanctuary level 14Edit

Collect Letter Remains

The letter fragment you brought back somehow mentioned power; this power may be the reason for the forces' growth. Plase go back to the corroded land to find the remains.

Sanctuary level 15Edit

Destroy Energy Towers

The letter told us that the devil magicians utilized dark magic to make several energy towers where the undead came from. We need to kill the guards before destroying towers.

Sanctuary level 16Edit

Angry Enemies

Because you have destroyed the energy towers, the undead will come seeking their revenge. However, please go to the ancient cave to check whether we have soliders there.

NOTE: The quest-ending node is the one in the upper-center of the map, surrounded by a U-shaped wall and only accessable from directly north. This quest path loops nicely for BA-grinding. Chests: Bottem Left(Gold only ???) / Bottem Right(Shield/Gold) / Top Right(Cloak/Gold)

Sanctuary level 17Edit

Transport Materials

This letter was delivered from the frontline not too long ago; go, hurry, prepare some food for the soldiers guarding at the frontline!

NOTE: This quest has two paths that don't rejoin until the final quest-ending node -- the Soldiers at the upper-left corner. Both paths contain some treasure, and there's still enough time to cover both in one attempt (especially if you click the 'stop' button on battles), but you'll have to backtrack.

Sanctuary level 18Edit

Pass through the bramble road to release our troops (Level 27): Our worst fears have arrived; the evil magicians found out that we have destroyed the energy towers so they called numerous devils to attack us. We have to stop this battle even though we do not know how long the fragment power will last. One of our troops was stuck on the bramble road, go assist them to join our battle.

Sanctuary level 19Edit

Remove obstacles Destroy the enemy using the secret passage (Level 28): Come, I know of a secret passage that will help us weaken the enemy. They sure are in for a nasty surprise!

Sanctuary level 20Edit

Ruin The Evil - Kill the undead master (Level 30): The man in black was a general who lived underground for over 30 years. Now we should show our power to that arrogant master. Go kill him and you shall be rewarded with gifts. NOTE: The quest-ending node is not the Undead Master that both paths lead to, but the copper chest behind him.

Sanctuary level 21Edit

'Treasure Map Fragments'' - Find the elf fair elder in the deep magic forest and request his help (Level 31)': The undead forces are weak for the moment, but they will return soon. The elf fairy elder decided to leave fragments of King Elderon's map in your hands so that you could find a hidden treasure. The elder awaits you in the magic forest.

Sanctuary level 22 - Elf Fairy SacrificeEdit

Find the elf fairy priest at Hill Plain and then ask for some information about the treasure map (Level 32): The elf fairy elder sent us a message saying the elf fairy priest wants to see you south of Hill Plain to interpret the map fragment. Take along this fragment in there exists a maze.

Sanctuary level 23 - Interpret Map FragmentsEdit

Find the elf fairy priest to inquire about the map (Level 33): The elf fairy priest sent us a message saying that she has translated the elf fairy language; You should go to her house since she has something to tell you.

Sanctuary level 24 - Foggy SwampEdit

Find another map fragment in the foggy swamp (Level 34): You are closer to the Elderon treasure. The foggy swamp is full of toxic gas and dangerous beasts throughout the year. Be careful. Have you decided to search for the other map fragment? Note, the Dark Wooden Necklace isn't always found here.

Sanctuary level 25 - Queen Elf FairyEdit

Go to the Lake of Peace to find Queen elf fairy Azshara and receive the information she wishes to give you (Level 35): You have collected enough fragments. The elf fairy priest hopes you to go to the Lake of Peace to find him, he has something to tell you.

Sanctuary level 26 - Pandora HeartsEdit

SLO - Quest 26 - Pandora Hearts

Quest 26 - Pandora Hearts map

Enter the Chill Caves to find Pandora Hearts (Level 35): Queen Elf Fairy Azshara sent us a message saying that she has found the path through the Abyssal of Silence. You should go to the Chilled Cave.

  • Time limit: 5 minutes
  • Treasure box drops: BA x 30, Gold x 1000
  • Battle Achievements: 55- Cave Spiders, 55 - Toxic Toad
  • Goal: Icebound Platform
  • Reward: Prestige x 80

Sanctuary level 27 - Eyes of OdinEdit

SLO - Quest 27 - Eyes of Odin - route map

Quest 27 - Eyes of Odin map

Go to Moon Plain to find Eyes of Odin (Level 35): Queen Elf Fairy Azshara sent us a message saying the Eyes of Odin are in Moon Plain. She awaits you at the Moon Plain.

Sanctuary level 28 - Nymph WingsEdit

SLO - Quest 28 - Nymph Wings - route map

Quest 28 - Nymph Wings map

Within the Birds Forest find some Nymph Wings (Level 35): Queen Elf Fairy Azshara sent us a letter saying Nymph Wings are sealed in the west side of the Magic Forest within the Birds Forest.

WARNING: This is your only chance to get the Tough Silver Shield item, but the shield doesn't drop every time. So the odds are high that you will not be able to obtain this item and complete the Subduing suit. Good luck!


Sanctuary level 29 - Go To Abyssal of SilenceEdit

SLO - Quest 29 - Abyssal of Silence - partial route map

Quest 29 - Abyssal of Silence partial map

Go to Flame Valley and destroy all of the Fallen soliders (Level 40): Oddo is aware that you are seeking Elderon's treasure. Oddo has taken action and sent some fallen soliders to Flame Valley to ambush you. Go vanquish them quickly!

  • Time limit: 10 minutes
  • Treasure box drops: Gold x 2000, Gold x 1200, Prestige x 30,
  • Goal: Copper Chest, (Anchoret Helmet)
  • Battle Achievements: 70 - The Fallen, 70 - Toxic Toad

Sanctuary level 30 - The Last WarriorEdit

SLO - Quest 30 - Kill Oddo - route map

Quest 30 - Kill Oddo map

On the way to the Abyssal of Silence destroy Oddo and obtain Elderon's Treasure (Level 40): After so any difficulties we are finally here. The Queen Elf Fairy said in her letter that the Abyssal of Silence is open for you. Go step into it and greet this great moment!

  • Time limit: 15 minutes
  • Treasure box drops: Prestige x 40, Gold x 2750
  • Battle Achievements: 75 - The Fallen, 70 - Salamander, 90 - Oddo
  • Goal: King Elf Fairy's Hidden Treasure
  • Reward: [Flame Necklace] x 1

Sanctuary level 31Edit

SLO - Quest 31 - Gods' Site - route map

Quest 31 - Gods' Site map

Go to the Gods' Site to aquire Ancient Stone Slab (Level 41): The resistance forces found a site that seems left by the God. The resistance leader named Zarks hopes you hold an inquiry into such a site.

Sanctuary level 32 - Ancient Stone SlabEdit

SLO - Quest 32 - Uruk-Hais Chieftan - route map

Quest 32 - Uruk-Hais Cheiftain map

Visit the Uruk-Hais chieftain at Barren Land to ask for more information on the Stone Slab (Level 42): There hidden a sealing power in the Ancient Stone Slab, dimly revealed the ancient Uruk-Hais power. Now you take this stone slab to visit Uruk-Hais chieftain at Barren Land; and find some clues.

Sanctuary level 33Edit

SLO - Quest 33 - Hero of the Uruk-Hais - route map

Quest 33 - Hero of the Uruk-Hais map

Go to Moon Plain to find Queen Elf Fairy, break the seal in front of the Moon Well (Level 43): Queen Elf Fairy replied us already, she awaits you at Moon Plain to break the seal.

Sanctuary level 34Edit

SLO - Quest 34 - Princess Nasi's Diary - route map

Quest 34 - Princess Nasi's Diary map

Go to the ruins of Wallon to find Princess Nasi's Diary (Level 44): Zarks has got the information that Princess Nasi committed suicide 60 years ago. She left a Diary in the ancient city Wallon; you may find it out in the city ruins.

Sanctuary level 35Edit

SLO - Quest 35 - A Bloody Night - route map

Quest 35 - A Bloody Night map

Go to Belize to look for some clues from the celebration.

Sanctuary level 36Edit

SLO - Quest 36 - Punishment - route map

Quest 36 - Punishment map

Sanctuary level 37Edit

SLO - Quest 37 - Bramble Basin - route map

Quest 37 - Bramble Basin map

Sanctuary level 38Edit

SLO - Quest 38 - Sacrificial Forest of Heroes - route map

Quest 38 - Sacrificial Forest of Heroes map

Sanctuary level 39Edit

SLO - Quest 39 - Osim Plain - route map

Quest 39 - Osim Plain map

Sanctuary level 40Edit

SLO - Quest 40 - Waldec - route map

Quest 40 - Waldec map

  • Monster rewards:
    • Orc, Elite of Uruk Hais = BA x 125
    • Varachelle = BA x 200, Prestige x 200