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  1. [Thick cloak]
  2. [Sturdy Hard Armor]
  3. [Scipio]
  4. [Hannibal]
  5. [King's Sword]
  6. [King's Sword of Fury]
  7. [Armor of Earth]
  1. [Soldiers Suit Set]

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Tribal Sacrificial Grounds Doctore

Level Item Slot Droped in Quality
1 2 rter Shop 100001
2 2 rter utyru 200001
3 3 rter utyru 200001
4 1 rter utyru 400001

Victory Sword
Drop: Sword of Destiny: [Trap Lake]
Drop Rate: -
Initial Fort Price: 2550
+Price/Fort: 450

Physical Attack: 60
(each fortification : +9)
Troops Commanded: 2
(each fortification : +2)
Carrying Level: 35

Subduing Suit(6)
[Victory Sword]
[Firm Leather Armor]
[Sturdy Warrior Hat]
[Magic Book of Forest]
[Tough Silver Shield]
[Dark Amethystine Necklace]
Suit:(2): Add Command Power 200
Suit:(4): Add Agility 15
Suit:(6): Add Strength 15, Magical Defense increase percentage40


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Col A Col B Col C
Row 1 Data A1 Data B1 Data C1
Row 2 Data A2 Data B2 Data C2
Row 3 Data A3 Data B3 Data C3
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