1. What is the official name of the continent that Shadowland Online is set in?

a) Saros

b) Uther

c) Frost

d) Moering

2. Which Main Hero is the first to gain access to any form of AoE?

a) Imperial Scholar

b) Shaman

c) Tide Infantry

d) Hatchet Troops

3. Which Evictor does not have a Passive Skill?

a) Frost

b) Flame

c) Devour

d) Lightning

4. Which of the following deals the least damage to a single enemy?

a) Group Assault

b) Shoot as falling stars

c) Bramble Skill

d) Suffering Curse

5. Which of the following deals the least damage overall?

a) Suffering Curse

b) Tear

c) Threaten

d) Sanction

6. Who is the evil wizard that acts as the antagonist of Shadowland Online?

a) Karen

b) Ossanal

c) GM_Errant

d) Frost

7. Which of the following is the odd one out?

a) Forgotten Blood Ring

b) Courage of the God of War

c) Empire Guard's Magic Ring

d) Whispering Ring

8. Which of the following is the easiest to drop?

a) Firm Armor

b) Dragonscale Armor

c) Dragon-scale Shield

d) Pegasus

9. Which of the following is the most expensive to fort?

a) Distinct Peace Ring

b) Sharp Samurai Sword

c) Firm Armor

d) Axe of the Sky

10. Who is the protector of Vigilia?

a) Attila

b) Frost

c) Salvatorium

d) Karen


10: Perfect! Your a true hero!

8-9: Excellent, you've learnt almost everything to know

5-7: Not bad, you should research some more for a better score

3-4: I can see your new...

0-2: You might wanna research some more, like, alot more

Answers: 1: A 2: D 3: C 4: D 5: D 6: B 7: C 8: A 9: D 10: D