"Light Magician, Karen, finally fulfilled her wish of protecting the city by magic; she created a wall that evil cannot easily penetrate."

Vigilia Vigilia is a country on God's Continent located in the North-East.

Governed Region Level Size Description
Blessed Hills 10-30 Village

Vigilia's weakest region is protected by a great enchanted wall.

Storm Peak 30-60 Town The Thunder Summit links directly to nature's source of electricity, and allows for strong magical resources to be obtained.
Shattered Peak 30-60 Town The military spire has suffered great damage from ages of war. Most recently, a powerful magical barrier has been erected to protect it.
Brightlight Summit 60-80 City The northernmost political center of Vigilia is shrouded in holy light to keep evil at bay. It is perhaps the safest area in the domain.
Dimshadow Field 60-80 City Vigilia's most dangerous land has been sealed and protected by magical enchantments, preventing any outsiders from entering.
Mountain of Knowledge 60-80 City Vigilia's venerated center of religion is where the power of blessed light emits most strongly. However, because of its holiness, it has always been a target of evil.