These are the rules for the World Chat as stated by the SLO Team in this thread on Kongregate.


  • Respect one another when communicating. If an issue arises, please seek to resolve it through personal message.
  • Bring your SLO-savvy knowledge into the chat to help any players who may have questions.
  • Take initiative! If someone has a question or needs assistance with the game, be a good Samaritan and help them out!
  • Follow and respect ZQGame rules, as they are the ones who have created this game experience for us to love and enjoy.
  • Say Hello! Shadowland Online is full to bursting with diverse players and there’s many a comrade to be made!

Do Not:Edit

  • Swear. Think of the little ones!
  • Utilize a language other than English in the main World Channel. (this rule does not need to be enforced until technical changes or improvements to the World Channel have been made for multi-language utilization)
  • Ask another player for their personal information.
  • Promote or engage in discussions regarding race, religion, politics, ethnicity or sexuality. Similar subjects that also generate controversy are highly prohibited.
  • Promote games other than Shadowland Online.
  • Be afraid to speak your mind! Although flaming is highly discouraged and punishable, we always like to see constructive criticism that helps to improve our game.


Game Masters and Administrators reserve the right to enforce and modify these rules as they see fit under varying circumstances.